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Benefits Of Organics

Most people think that Organic crops are simply not sprayed with chemicals or other problematic and controversial pesticide control agents.

Nor are they Genetically Modified (GMO'd) using insect DNA or other highly controversial DNA CRISPR strands.

However, the real dangers with "non-organic" farming practices is much greater than you think.

Organic Farming Benefits

Compare natural organic farming where there is no spraying of chemicals, to regular farmed crops which are sprayed with chemicals such as pesticides, herbicides, fungicides or other nasties such as Glyphosate which is a "patented chelator" (this means that it physically removes minerals from plants and humans).

SAVE THE BEE - Ban Neonicotinoids

The following is a simplified overview of the general problem and it does not in any way, represent the entire problem.

The FACT is that if we the people of this planet do not start taking care of this planet, then we will will not have a planet that sustains us. Global SALINITY levels are getting out of control and chemicals are making the problem dramatically worse. [1]

What About Insect Infestations?

Some farmers are intelligent enough to check the soil pH with plant growing pH compatibility before planting crops. Many, unfortunately, are not that clever.

[Example] When a plant which prefers acidic soils (for example) is grown in alkaline soil, the plant becomes weak and its immune system suffers.

The weakened plant changes the "healthy odour" it exudes to an unhealthy odour which is detected by predatory insects that then glom onto the "all you can eat buffet" of sickly plants. The same applies vice versa for plants which prefer alkaline growing soils.

Interestingly, humans also exude a strange smell in the same way when they (for example) get cancer or other diseases. There is actually various studies underway to see how animals (like dogs, rats, pidgeons, mice and others) can detect the smell of diseases like cancers, TB, Bird Flu etc in people which machinery is unable to detect.

Chemical Pesticides

When the farmer starts spraying the plants to get rid of the insects above the ground, the chemicals also kill insects which live under the ground.

This destruction of living biomass below the surface slowly causes compaction of the soil. This results in moss like lichen / fungi starting to grow on the surface of the soil and the soil eventually becomes hydrophobic.

Buy Australian Organic Bananas Wholesale Sydney Australia

One of the beneficial insects killed by pesticides is the humble Ladybird (LadyBeetle or Ladybugs) which feeds on aphids and other pests. There are about 5,000 different species of ladybugs in the world. Which makes you wonder - exactly How did these little critters get right around the world?

To make matters worse, the farmer then sprays the soil with fungicides to kill the moss/lichen which in turn destroys all of the fungi in the soil - including the beneficial fungi - which in turn causes more compaction and now the entire area which is being farmed is hydrophobic and biologically dead.

This means that the only way a farmer can sustain crop growth is using N.P.K. fertilizers and excessive irrigation. Subsequently this excessive irrigation brings more SALT to the surface.

Salinity Dangers

What most people do not know is that in Australia (like the rest of the world), this flood irrigation is causing salt levels to rise to the surface thereby destroying the farmable soil even further. This salinity is further exacerbated by the constant cutting down of trees. [abc] [pdf] [google]

Neonicotinoid Insecticides

Neonicotinoid insecticides seem to have been deliberately designed to kill bees. How else can you explain the fantastic lack of any due diligence which was supposed to have been performed on all products before releasing them for public use.

Even after massive amounts of evidence showing that Neonicotinoids were killing bees was repeatedly produced, many corrupt politicians still did nothing to stop the wide spread use of these Neonicotinoids.

SAVE THE BEE - Ban Neonicotinoids

Thankfully this is changing and in the EU, Neonicotinoids are being banned across Europe. As of 27th April 2018, EU Member states have voted in favour of an almost complete ban on the use of neonicotinoid insecticides across the EU.

Think about this for a moment. If we "as a planetary race" cannot fix something so fundamentally critical to the entire planets ecological survival, then how many of us be left when the planets entire ecosystem is destroyed.

What good will corruption money be to anyone when they only have dirt to eat?

Because THAT is where we are headed. Make it your problem today because by tomorrow, when the food system collapses, think about what bad people will do to your family when they come to steal your food supplies.

Who "Can" You Trust?

When you have scientists proclaiming that they have made staggering leaps forward in medicine for over 10 years and then found to be fraudulent because No One bothered to "Fact Check" their work, then we start to lose our faith in science.

Here are a few quick examples of massive scientific fraud perpetuated on us (the general public).


  • Elizabeth Anne Holmes is an American and supposed inventor. She is the founder, Chairwoman, and CEO of Theranos, a privately held company known for its false claims to have devised revolutionary blood tests that used very small amounts of blood that has defrauded investors out of over $700 Million USD.
  • Ms Holmes was lauded by the MSM (Main Stream Media) for over a decade without providing 1 shred of Peer reviewed evidence supporting her claims.
  • Her punishment was to be fined $500,000 from her estimated $4+ BILLION bank account. She must have had a powerful "Client List".

Monsanto and Glyphosate

  • Glyphosate is both a patented CHELATOR and a patented ANTIBACTERIAL and is used by many ignorant farmers and has been linked to kidney disease, liver disease, neurological impairments in newborns, as well as other physical parameters that are negatively altered, some of which relate to sexual development in new-borns, the intestinal microbiome and genotoxicity.
  • Of note is that farmers who feed their farm animals Glyphosate soaked grains (because Glyphosate is sprayed on many grain crops just prior to harvest because it dries the grains faster) have observed a dramatic increase in Sterility of these same farm animals of over 30%.
  • Rather interestingly the US also reports that in America today, between 25% - 27% of humans also suffer from Sterility. Perhaps this is just a coincidence?
  • The Ramazzini Institute, the Italian National Institute of Health, George Washington University, the Icahn School of Medicine at New York's Mount Sinai, the University of Bologna, and the Genoa Hospital San Martino are a part of the Global Glyphosate Study which has found Glyphosate to be dangerous to plants, animals and humans.

The Great SUGAR Lie

  • One of the biggest lies we have been told is that "Fat" makes us Fat and that sugar is harmless.
  • In fact 3 HARVARD professors were paid a mere $5,000+ USD to lie about sugar by the American Sugar Association.
  • The corrupt, inept or simply stupid media took up the lie and convinced the world that sugar was basically harmless. NOTHING could be further from the truth.
  • Prof John YUDKIN (UK) published a book called PURE WHITE & DEADLY in response to the Harvard release, outlining evidence showing that the Harvard professors lied. Perhaps it was because of the windfall of money coming into some of these universities, but Prof Yudkin was systematically attacked and discredited despite the fact that what he wrote was absolutely true. Books by Dr Robert Lustig are also worth reading. [1]
  • Today's epidemic of obesity, tooth decay and diabetes is directly related to sugar. So much so, that as of 2018, over 2 dozen countries are now imposing a Sugar Tax in an attempt to slow down the crippling health crisis and ballooning health costs directly caused by sugar - and still the medical association remains silent. [1] [2]

Agent Orange Lie

  • This is what most people already knew about Agent Orange and despite ALL of the evidence showing the detrimental health problems caused by Agent Orange, we were lied to repeatedly since the VietNam war. ... and NO mention of compensation to the Millions of Vietnamese affected by Agent Orange. [1] [2] [3]

More GMO Lies

  • There seems to be a staggeringly massive list of "supposed" GMO food items which have been touted in the media as saving humankind and yet when real-time trials of these Messianic food crops were done, the results have been so dismal that they simply vanished as if they had never existed in the first place. [1] [2]
  • Then you have GOLDEN RICE which requires the targeted "Poor People" to eat 30 bowls of golden rice to get their RDI (RDA) of Vitamin A which seems profoundly stupid and ignorant when you consider that a common "weed" called Dandelion, contains over 200% of the daily RDI of Vitamin A per hundred grams of young leaves - and it grows wild almost everywhere from the Equator to Siberia - Alaska in the North right down to the bottom of Argentina in the South.

Dangers of GMO Bananas

  • Yet another lie. We are being told that GMO bananas are being created to increase Vitamin A in poor people (See #5 above) and yet there already hundreds of banana cultivars that are naturally high in beta carotene and grown around the tropics in Africa, the Americas, Asia and the Pacific. Promotion of these existing cultivars could provide a simple answer to addressing the Vitamin A deficiency with no need to resort to genetic modification and the use of patented plant varieties. AGRA Watch [1] [pdf] [pdf] [pdf]
  • "Beta carotene is chemically related to compounds that are known to cause birth defects and other problems in humans at extremely low levels, and these toxic chemicals are possible if not likely by-products of plants engineered to make large amounts of beta carotene."
  • "Since there is no required safety testing of the banana or any other GMO, doing a feeding trial in people, especially women, should not be allowed. It is both unethical and immoral, particularly because there are several naturally occurring varieties of banana that are safe and have higher levels of beta carotene than the GM varieties."
  • Dr. David Schubert - molecular biologist at the Salk Institute for Biological Studies.

What Most People do Not Know

Another bit of trivia that most people do not know is that NPK fertilizers contain SYNTHETIC NITROGEN (N) and that this synthetic nitrogen impedes mineral absorption by plants.

SAVE THE BEE - Ban Neonicotinoids

This is because the Nitrogen being used is literally "taken" from the air and not from any organic sources like farmed animals urine or legumes. [2]

When Glyphosate (a patented chelator and broad spectrum antibiotic) is added to the farming procedure, then the plants get a double negative whammy which makes them much less nutritious from the start as well as more susceptible to pests.


Almost all hydroponic foods are grown using N.P.K. fertilizers. I say almost all because all of the ones I have looked into do use NPK fertilizers and in fact, in Singapore they are now proudly proclaiming that they have "NO SOIL" industrial growing facilities. The overall health of Singaporeans can only go down hill from here.


Surprisingly many AquaPonic growers also use Synthetic Nitrogen to kick-start the microbial growth in the water and to maintain an ongoing Nitrogen balance in their systems. Something to consider the next time you go shopping.

Mycorrhizae Fungi

Contrary to popular belief, FUNGI in the soil actually forms a critical part of Biosphere 1's biomass.

Healthy soils "should" contain around 70% mycorrhizal fungi which not only helps aerate the soil - these fungi helps break down rocks so that the minerals can be absorbed by plants.

It has often been observed that plants (via the root system) enjoy a symbiotic relationship with the fungi and other critters like earthworms.

In fact plants will often lactate so that earthworms come up and suckle these secretions. When the earthworm comes and departs, it leaves behind a tunnels of worm casting which are rich in critical elements like nitrogen. How this happens exactly via bacteria absorption is beyond the scope of this document.

Natural Way

Organic is the natural way that nature works and this is how organic farming works.

Much more healthier for you and your family.

Buy Australian Organic Bananas Wholesale Sydney Australia
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